Europe’s Hiking-extreme tour 2017!
158 km in 48 hours
22.06.2017 – 24.06.2017

Europe’s Hiking-extreme tour 2017!

158 km in 48 hours

22.06.2017 – 24.06.2017
Willingen – Lake Eder

Short Summary

Date: 22.06.2017 – 24.06.2017
Distance: 158 km – 48 hours
Total elevation: 3700 meters up and down hill
Begin: Thursday, 22.06.2017 in Willingen
Finish: Saturday, 24.06.2017 in Willingen
Route: Mostly on certified hiking paths: Upland climb, Diemel climb, Kellerwald climb, Ancient forest climb, Lake Eder, Lichtenfelser panorama way, Sauerland highway


Adventure region Lake Eder

Here, nothing can stand in the way of an active holiday. In the middle of the nature park Kellerwald-Lake Eder. The picturesque lake is 27km long and is one of the biggest and most loved reservoirs in Europe. Certified hiking paths run all around the lake through spectacular old forests (UNESCO world heritage). You will discover unspoiled nature, while hiking through the 68km long Lake Eder climb.


The beautiful region of Willingen

The mid-German mountain landscape is a delightful backdrop for walking through nature. Here, three of the best hiking trails join: The Hochsauerland, the nature park Diemelsee and the Waldecker Land. Beech and Pine forests, Health-land fields and agriculture, mountain streams and beautiful views are all elements of the Willinger landscape.


The market town of Korbach

Well signposted walking tracks guide you around the charming countryside of Korbach. The Geo path Korbach joins the Fossil excavation site with the Eisenberg, Germany’s largest goldmine. The gold trail Eisenberg brings you to the fascinating trails of the gold diggers.